Annoying Fruit Flies

A Client has been using BioKill insecticide for more than 10 years. Recently, she found many fruit flies. After spraying insecticide, there were many dead fruit flies. However, she kept seeing around five to six fruit flies flying around every day, which she found to be quite annoying. The client expressed that her apartment is clean and tidy and that there is nothing to attract them to breed and she suspects that they are flying into the house from outside.

We suggested her to check underneath and at the back of the furniture for food sources. Few days later, we receive her call. She found a rotten fruit at the corner! Some fruit fly eggs and a bunch of fruit flies are next to it! She removed the rotten fruit, cleaned the area and sprayed BioKill Universal Insecticide. Finally, she did not see any fruit flies.

Usually, when there are live and dead insects appearing after spraying, it indicates that the breeding source of the infestation has not been solved. Once the source is located and handled, it will lower the chance of pests to breed.