BioKill® Insecticide

Traditional Insecticide


Extremely low toxicMedium to high


Water based (99%)Petroleum based or water based, but including aerosol gas in liquid form.


Long term protection

Slower knockdown

Sure killing

Short term protection

Fast knockdown

Fast killing


OdourlessIntensive, partially covered up by strong fragrances


99.99% BiodegradableLess than 99.99%, takes long time to degrade

 Non Flammable

100% Non FlammableExtremely flammable, explosive

 Spectrum of   application

Broad spectrumMostly specific pest only

 Form of delivery

Non Aerosol pump spray, no CFC’s or other gasAerosols


 Ecology of   packaging


Refillable & recyclable PET bottle, environmentally friendly disposalNone


 Environmentally   Friendly


VOC FreeContain VOC


Twice as many spray as compared to the same contents of Aerosols50% as compared to the same content of Biokill®