Top-Bait Imida Cockroach Gel

  • Top-Bait Imida Cockroach Gel is a special formula for eliminating German Cockroach.
  • Cockroaches which feed on the bait do not die immediately.
    Instead, they will return to their harborages before dying. When the cockroach finally dies,
    their companions will ingest the body, fences and the bait as well. Thus, it can eliminate both adults and nymphs.
  • Ideal application for indoor areas such as: Household, office, and F&B etc.
  • Can be apply at cracks and crevices, corner of room, garbage bins, around cupboards and drawers,
    under the sink, around electronic devices and near to sources of heat, such as piping.
  • Remove the cap from bait tube, apply a spot to where cockroaches appear or
    potential hiding spots. Re-apply after every 15 days for best result. Apply gel spot no larger than 3mm. For light infestation apply 1-3 spots per 3 linear meters.
    For heavy infestation apply 3-5 spots per 3 linear meters.
  • Long-lasting residual efficacy of up to 6 months.
  • Active Ingredient : Imidacloprid 2.15% w/w
  • H.K. Pesticide Reg. No. 1P158 (RB) 
  • Net Content : 35g

Fields of Application

Rotation of Cockroach Gel

We recommend changing the type of gel bait products used every 3 – 4 months. This helps to prevent resistance to the active ingredient and provide an active ingredient with an alternative mode of action, as well as a different attractant formulation.