The spray nozzle has 3 positions: STOP,  and . For details please refer to the figure below.


a) Turn the nozzle until is upper most for normal wide spraying. (Recommended position)


b) Turn the nozzle until is upper most for straight and long distance spraying.


c) Turn the nozzle until the word “STOP” is upper most to lock.

Yes. Although Biokill® is safe to human beings and pets, (warm-blooded animals) it is recommended to cover or remove the food while spraying.

Biokill® Insecticide is most effective if it is left where it has been sprayed. The residue can last up to 4 weeks for Biokill® Universal Insecticide and three months for Biokill® Long Lasting Extra Insecticide, depending on surface and environment conditions (sun light, organic environment, rain etc. will dramatically reduce the residual effect).

Biokill® Universal Insecticide: in intervals of 3-4 weeks.

Biokill® Long Lasting Extra Insecticide: initial treatment followed by another treatment after 21 days. Thereafter, treatments should be in intervals of about 1-3 months.

Biokill® Insecticide is a perfect prevention product. We suggest to spray in problem areas in regular intervals (refer to Q4) as prevention. If insects are found, try to trace origin and spray nesting places, places of entry, cracks and crevices. Remove all possible accessible food sources, dispose of garbage daily. Keep lid of garbage can closed at all times. Remember: prevention is the best precaution and eliminating the cause is the best prevention.

Biokill® Insecticide penetrates the nerve membranes of cold blooded insects, causes nerves to paralyze and consequently the insects die. Humans and warm-blooded creatures have a different metabolism allowing the body to degrade the product without affecting the organism.

BioKill® biocides are safe to warm-blooded animals (i.e. dogs, cats, and rabbits, etc.) but highly toxic to fish and reptiles.

The active ingredient used in BioKill® Universal contains Permethrin. The same active ingredient is also used as spot-on applications for dogs for the treatment of fleas/ ticks. These types of products contain extremely high concentrations of Permethrin in a different formulation and are in no way the same as BioKill® Universal.

Cats / Dogs are warm-blooded animals and thus Biokill® is safe to them. We had few cases of high breed cat that reacted allergic to Biokill®. This is however rather exceptional and can happen even with humans (i.e. in some exceptional cases, humans are allergic to strawberries, plants etc.)

*Other Permethrin products may have caused some certain breeds of cats, old or unwell cats to have allergic or sickness reactions, which have far higher concentration than BioKill® Universal Insecticide (which has a dilution of 0.25%). If you have any uncertainties, please consult with your vet accordingly.

Cover the tank/cage with a damp cloth or waterproof Nylon/Plastic sheet during and after the spraying of Biokill®. Keep the cloth in place for an extended period of time after spraying (~2 hours).

Biokill® Insecticide can kill almost all insects. However, certain insects may take a longer time to die (up to 48 hours). Biokill® Insecticide also acts as a deterrent to insects (repellent effect).

This is not recommended to use Biokill® Insecticide to kill termite. Termites cannot be eradicated by killing members of the colony. This requires a professional and specialized pest control company to resolve the problem.

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Anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on species, temperature etc. It is recommended to spray Biokill® Insecticide in intervals of 3-4 weeks into neuralgic places in order to avoid the appearance of insect altogether. Insects die for sure but often hide before dying.

If the treatment was done correctly and repeated after approx. three weeks, the insects will disappear. However, there are always insects coming in again from the outside. It is therefore imperative that in case of heavy infestation, professional pest control is being employed.

If the product is sprayed, there should not be an aggressive smell. However, in summer time, bacteria can develop quickly in the water, which in turn can cause a foul smell but no other side effects. We have in the meantime installed a reverse osmosis system in the factory to further improve our water quality, which has largely eradicated this problem.

Biokill® Long Lasting Extra Insecticide has a very low toxicity. Some people may experience allergic reaction.

There is marked at the bottom of the bottle that stated the manufacturing date. Generally there is no expiration. The product will work for a long time. However, after 2 years, the effect will start to deteriorate slowly.

Most insecticides use petroleum based additives and heavy concentration of active ingredients which both are smelly. Biokill® is using water and cosmetic type of emulsifiers, which are of very little smell.

The law in Hong Kong does not allow for refilling by clients. The refilling would have to be done in our factory. Other countries do allow but Hong Kong does not distinguish between products that are safe and toxic products. They are all treated the same in the eyes of the law. You can return empty bottles to us and we will reuse the bottles.