Cigarette Beetle

One of our clients found some small brown granules inside the food storage cabinet. She thought that they were just food crumbs. However, these granules appeared again the next day even after she cleaned up. She checked carefully and found they have legs and are moving!!

After she sprayed insecticide around the area the amount of insects declined. Yet, she kept seeing them at the same area every day. The client contacted us through the internet and send us photos of the insects. The “small brown granule insects” were identified as cigarette beetles. They mainly infest dried and processed food, e.g, cereal, pasta, grains, pet food etc. We asked client to check all her packaged dried food and discard any that she found to be infested.

Today, we receive the client’s call. She checked all the packaged food and found that the cigarette beetles came from a package of Chinese Herbs. The client discarded it and sprayed BioKill Universal Insecticide. She appreciated our help and patience. Otherwise, it would have been extremely annoying for her to keep seeing these insects at the same location every day, without knowing where they came from.