Safe Sanitizer 500ml l +
Universal Insecticide 500ml +
AntiMite Spray 500ml



BioKill Safe Sanitizer

  • Organic, safe biocidal product that is a hypoallergenic, natural bactericide, Germicide and Fungicide with long-acting, sanitizing characteristics
  • All Natural Ingredients had been certified GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) by the US EPA & FDA and effectively kills up to 99.99% of germs
  • Non-rinse formula and there are no areas of restriction, it is safe to apply in sensitive areas, e.g. all household surfaces, on clothes & accessories, toys, etc.


BioKill Universal Insecticide

  • Effective against ALL insect pests, e.g. cockroaches, mosquitos, flies, fleas, booklice, ants, ticks, weevils, moths, mites, beetles, silverfish, bees, wasps, etc.
  • Revolutionary formulation with a broad-spectrum efficacy.
  • Covers a very broad range of applications in homes, as a pesticide on plants indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, around pets and other livestock, and as a hygiene insecticide in households, industrial and trade facilities, restaurants, public buildings, hospitals, zoos, and others.
  • Residue Effective up to 4 weeks
  • Won the 1999 Hong Kong Eco-Product Award Silver Medal. The composition, packaging and essence guarantee protection of the environment.
  • Active Ingredient : Permethrin 0.25% w/w
  • Hong Kong AFCD Registration No. 1P55 (AL)


BioKill AntiMite Spray

  • Formula specially targets mites and other insects thriving on fungi such as booklice and springtail
  • Effectively exterminates mites and other insects thriving on fungi, however it is safe to humans and warm-blooded animals
  • Ideal for applying on bedding, on pillows, mattresses, carpeting and upholstered furniture, etc.
  • Residue Effective up to 4 weeks
  • Hong Kong AFCD Registration No. 1P55 (AL)