Organic Disinfectant 300ml +
Micro-Fast Insecticide 300ml (12%off)



Organic Disinfectant

  • BioKill® Organic Disinfectant is Tested And Proven 99.999% Effective Against Coronavirus
    Tested & Proven against Murine hepatitis virus ATCC® VR-261™, a member of the Coronavirus family – regarded as Surrogate viruses for use in disinfectant efficacy tests to justify claims against COVID-19 by Australian Government
  • As a hospital grade disinfectant, BioKill® Organic Disinfectant is safe to apply in sensitive areas, e.g. kids rooms and pets feeding areas, and areas or objects which will not be damaged by water.
    • Indoor Areas: On walls, ceilings, floors, door handles, furniture, air-conditioner vents or filters, etc.
    • Objects: On clothes, shoes, toys and stationary, etc.
    • Vehicles & Boats: On steering wheels, car seats and door armrests, etc.


Note: If sprayed on leather, waterproof, or dark products, it may cause damage or discolouration. If in doubt please spray on a small area for testing before application.


Micro-Fast Insecticide

  • Sequential Release of each Active Ingredient (A.I.) performs faster knockdown and better residual activity.
  • Uses the latest and patented microencapsulation technology, has UV protection and controlled release of the active ingredient, which achieves greater efficacy and increased safety.
  • Ideal use in heavy infestations in households, gardens and recreational areas, animal kennels, greenhouses, commercial and industrial areas. Applicable in humid, problematic and contaminated areas on both porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • Secure and effective for months against crawling and flying insect pests such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, booklice, ants, ticks, weevils, moths, mites, beetles, silverfish, wasps, etc.
  • Residual efficacy of up to 3 months (may vary according to the environmental factors and infestation levels)
  • Active Ingredient : d-Phenothrin 0.11% w/w, Prallethrin 0.01% w/w
  • Hong Kong AFCD Registration No. 1P115 (AL)