Biokill® Brand is owned by Jesmond Holding Ltd., a European based group of companies with its domicile in Zug near Zurich, Switzerland, and headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

The EPC group with its headquarter in Hong Kong has acquired the licence for the manufacture and sale of Biokill® products in many Asian countries. Additional products have been added to the product line thus further expanding the range of applications both for household and industry.

Biokill® offers highly effective solutions across a wide array of applications for home, lawn & garden, pet and professional pest management. The brand is marketed in both retail and industrial environments mainly under the name of Biokill®. Biokill® is also marketed globally under other brand names such as BioCare®, BioStrike®, BugTek® and many others.

BioKill® products are sold under the above mentioned Trademarks and as OEM products in over 45 countries worldwide including:

Insecticides have a long developmental history marked by the continuous struggle to improve efficacy whilst increasing the safety for humans, warm-blooded pets and the environment. BioKill® has focused and managed to effectively fill this gap with its safe and environmentally friendly range of products.

Pest Control Applications include:

Household, carpet/upholstery/bedding treatment, plant protection, moth/lice prevention, flea and tick protection. Due to its safety it is an ideal product for application in warehousing, food production, food storage and other industrial applications.

Lawn, ornamental plants and trees, fruit trees, vegetable and flower gardens, insect repellent for clothing. It is also being used popularly at parks, public housing areas, dumping sites etc.

BioKill® has initiated and contributed to the development of the micro-encapsulation technology for insecticides combining different active ingredients safely and effectively in one emulsion and thus improving the stabilization of the components for use as insect control agents whilst at the same time considerably improving the safety and residual effect.

BioKill® has been sold in Hong Kong since 1992 and is available in Wellcome, Park’n Shop, Wing On, City Super, SPCA, AEON, UNY, YATA, selected drugstores and other outlets.

Caution: Insecticidal products are toxic to cold-blooded animals such as fish and reptiles.